everyone is doing it. get your .com now


Tweet This is a post I wrote a year ago on another blog I have. I know, as you will soon see I have an “affinity” or perhaps an obsession with domain names. In fact I just bought one yesterday. So I am sure that the count is higher than the article says, but the…

how to learn you are not as smart as you once were in 4 simple steps

School time

Tweet I used to think I was pretty smart. Maybe even more than average, whatever average is. One time just for fun I took the Mensa practice test just to see if I could pass. It’s online now, but back in the day when I took it you had to order it. Just writing that…

the test is tomorrow. effective study skill tips


Tweet Dilemma. My oldest has started middle school this year. Aside from the fact that I suddenly feel very old, he is at the magic age he where he is pretty sure I don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Goody. Last weeks drama involved me proofreading an essay. Loads of fun. This…

bad lightbulb. everything you wanted to know about cfl decontamination

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Tweet Today’s revelation was like a light bulb turning on, or breaking depending on how you look at it. Last night I was messing around with a light bulb in a table lamp. This particular bulb is one of those new-fangled contraptions – a CFL bulb. While in theory I like the idea of energy…

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